Message from the owner

Let’s Create Something Together.


Hello Lovely!

A genuine thank-you for your interest in Ololash products and training.

As long as I can remember I wanted to work in my own business. I wanted to create. I wanted to make my own rules. When I started to experience success on my journey in this industry a bigger vision started to emerge. I wanted to help others experience the feeling of freedom and empowerment in business that I was feeling. I found and created a beautiful space where other women could thrive as I was. I loved the salon life for many years. In an indirect way I started to feel fulfilled, but it wasn’t until I began teaching my craft that I knew I had finally found my passion.

Being a salon owner was one of the biggest learning experiences of my life. I made some of the most profound and lifelong connections- and found an abundance of wisdom and inspiration in working with women of all ages and walks of life. I can confidently say it changed me as a person.

After almost 5 years of hard long days as an eyelash extension artist and owner of Donna Tonia Lash Studio with a HUGE and extensive client list that I am very proud of, I started to develop the Ololash brand.

The Ololash eyelash extension course packages are hand-written in my own words, from my first hand experience as an artist and a salon owner. The information provided is to the highest standard for the industry. I have creatively crafted each class with one outcome in mind- your success. I truly care about the success and growth of each one of my students, and I offer my on-going mentoring to everyone I work with.

As the aspects of the courses are thoughtfully designed, the Ololash products are not an exception. They look amazing, they are made of the BEST ingredients and materials, and are priced with your business in mind. I understand it can be incredibly difficult to track and keep inventory and when you need something you need it right away. Ololash products are available in our online store and we ship FAST! I love the age we live in.

It’s difficult to say where this journey will take me. I always wonder where I will go, who I will meet, what I will learn and how everything will change. I’m eager to pass on my experience and none of my mistakes so others can carry on what I have done.

For now I have so much gratitude for where I have been (and so much work to do still!).

Let’s create something together!


Jessica Donna Tonia
Founder, OLOLASH